Intro to Tik Tok

Last week, we spoke about social media and the growing concerns about social's effect on teen wellbeing. But as countless articles cite stats on Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram use, other channels are surfacing that are changing the way we think about social media. Introducing Tik Tok, the answer to all our woes. A successor to Vine, … Continue reading Intro to Tik Tok

Social Media – Good or Bad?

Scroll Free September is an initiative being launched by the Royal Society of Public Health in the UK, encouraging young people to stop using social media for a full 30 days to counteract problematic use. Claire Murdoch, the National Director for Mental Health, NHS England remarked: "Scroll Free September is right to highlight growing concerns that … Continue reading Social Media – Good or Bad?

Artificial Intelligence and Empathy

Emotional intelligence is a hot topic. While soft skills are highly sought after by employers, our technology has not yet caught up. As AI advances, the focus is sharply fixed on how it can establish a real connection to it's users. "Ok Google" and "Hey Siri" echo through households the world over to help with … Continue reading Artificial Intelligence and Empathy

Digital Amnesia

The human brain can store approximately 2 petabytes of data. Some even suggest that the brain has the capacity to store the same amount of information as the entire internet. But now that we have Google at our fingertips, information retention can at times prove challenging. A recent Kapersky study found that over 90% of … Continue reading Digital Amnesia

Social Currency and Instagram “Likes”

Pressure has been mounting on social platforms to address the myriad side effects commonly associated with social media use, such as comparison and low self esteem. Tristan Harris's "Time Well Spent" movement has promised to deliver a more intentional and mindful tech experience and other company's are swiftly following suit. Harris, former design ethicist for … Continue reading Social Currency and Instagram “Likes”

Don’t Leave Your Kids to their own Devices

Google recently introduced integrated new parental controls where parents can manage and monitor the content that their children are accessing. The Family Link Controls enable parents to safeguard their children’s devices allowing them to set limits on time online and restrict certain areas of the web. The system also offers the ability to set a … Continue reading Don’t Leave Your Kids to their own Devices